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About Us

About Us

Wonders of Creation Tours and Safaris

Wonders of Creation Tours philosophy is grounded in the belief that “Protect wild animals and their habitat, take care of the people surrounding them”. In 2002 this belief sparked the action that brought Wonders of Creation to life.

Wonders of Creation Tours and Safari Ltd with its sister company SED Adventures Tours and Safaris is dedicated to provide top notch and professional services to all its guests. We welcome you to Africa, to enjoy an exciting beach holiday, cultural and eco- tourism, mountain climbing, hiking where snow-capped mountains, Great Rift Valley, exceed every expectation. Experience unmatched wildlife in its diversity. Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda all offer a wealth of safari without forgetting Beach holidays in Zanzibar and Victoria waterfalls.

We have well trained guides, drivers, porters and have a fleet of well-maintained 4×4 safari-built vehicles as well as supply gear and equipment for safaris and climbing adventures.

Wonders of creation explore Africa in their unique way at their own pace since its inception. Wonders of creation’s aim is to offer expert support, prioritizing clients' needs, and providing greater freedom and flexibility in travel. Building strong relationships and delivering personalized experiences have established Wonders of Creation as an industry tourism leader.

Wonders of Creation acknowledges the individuality of each client's dream holiday. By asking the right questions and understanding their preferences and interests, we create a personalized and exceptional travel experience. We provide unique insights and recommendations that set us apart from other travel operators. Our passion for travel and adventure enables us to curate personalized trips and guide clients to create their own special memories.

Our deep understanding of local culture, customs, and geography comes from years of experience in the industry and personal journeys. By leveraging our network of local guides and personal knowledge, we offer unparalleled and authentic travel experiences to our clients.

Edgar's Biography

Edgar’s desire for adventure was ignited at the age of 23 when he was employed as a forester in Mont Meru and later Kilimanjaro Forest reserves, He has worked as a Conservator for 37 years. Edgar’s wealth of knowledge on conservation makes him an invaluable resource for travel planning. Having ventured to most African destinations.

With Edgar’s extensive travel experience and his unyielding passion for discovery, he is an ideal tour operator for those seeking unforgettable and extraordinary African experience. His expertise and enthusiasm will undoubtedly enhance any travel endeavour, turning it into an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Your safari choice/demand is our command   
Whether you are travelling solo or whether you prefer a family safari on a private basis or whether you are interested in joining a group, our sales team at Wonders of Creation and SED adventures are on standby and ready to assist you on your safari needs as well as provide you with professional advice accordingly.

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