Uganda a country with a astonishing beauty with rolling hills, sparkling crate lakes, a variety of wildlife and indeed with half of the world’s remaining endangered Mountain Gorillas.

A variety of attributes makes Uganda the most memorable destination experience include the friendliness of the people, the lush green vegetation, the all year round beautiful climate, the nebulous attractions from the famous mountains of the moon in the western part of Uganda, the origin of the mighty River Nile, the great safari experience to the primates. Uganda does not only offer a splendid ornithological experience but also offers everything to make it the ultimate life time destination of choice.

Wondeful Tours and Safaris welcomes you to Uganda which is gifted by Nature and a lot of our safari highlights which are waiting to be discovered.

Uganda the most beautiful (Its naturalness) and friendly African local people is one of the best and memorable experiences that explains it all one can get from Africa. One of the country’s most striking features, the shimmering Lake Victoria that dominates the South, her blue waters funneling into the Nile River which journeys the length of Uganda, the abundant bird species, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and wetlands make Uganda a lush tropical haven

Uganda lies between latitudes 4 12′ N and 1 29′ S, and longitudes 29 34′ E and 35 E. It covers a total area of 241,039 square km and stands in the heart of Africa across the Equator with a current population of 30,262,610, and it geographically borders Sudan in the North, Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the South, Rwanda in the Southwest and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Uganda’s year-round conducive climate is one of the interesting Facts about Uganda. As most of Uganda is at fairly constant altitude, with mountains only in east (Mt Elgon), west (the Rwenzori Mountains) the bulk of the country is tropical, with temperature averaging about 26C during the days and 16C at night. The hottest month is December to February with temperatures up to 30C. The highlands can be considerably cooler at night.

The rainy seasons are generally from April to May and October and November.

People / Languages
English (Official language), Luganda, and Swahili, other Bantu and Nilo-Saharan languages Are widely spoken in Uganda. Lake Kyoga forms the northern boundary for the Bantu- speaking peoples, who dominate much of the East, Central and Southern Africa. In Uganda, they include the Buganda, and several other tribes like Busoga, and Bagishu. In the north live the Lango (near Lake Kyoga) and Acholi (towards the Sudanese border), who speak Nilotic languages.

To the East are the Iteso and Karamojong, who are related to the Maasai and who also speak Nilotic languages. Pygmies live in the forest of the west.

Money Tips
Despite what is claimed in some guide books and manuals, credit cards are not widely accepted, and where they can be used with the lager hotels and tour companies, hefty surcharges are very common.

Barclays cash offers cash advances to Visa cards and Master cards, so does standard Chartered through their network of ATMs. Debit cards can be used with Stanbic Bank.

The Ugandan Shilling is generally and widely accepted in all parts of Uganda and quite stable against the US Dollar, through overall the trends are downwards. Dollars cash is the most welcome foreign currency. Other major currencies like Euros and Pound sterling, are far less welcomed compared to US Dollar. Paying with dollars can at times lead to frustration; Notes dated prior to 1996 are always turned away. Notes smaller than $50 attract a far lower exchange rate especially outside Kampala