Camel / Horse Riding

Camel / Horse Riding

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Horse and camel rides are available from a few camps and centres in Tanzania, for all standards of riders the experience is rewarding as it allows visitors to approach the wildlife much more closely than usual. The best part about these adventures is that game animals are not afraid of Horses and camels in the same way they are of cars or pedestrians. There are a few superb areas for horse riding in Tanzania.

Horse riding is now conducted in a number of National Parks; eg. Horse riding in Arusha National Park offers visitors a full benefit of the knowledge of the wildlife, bird life, forestry, waterfalls and many more. Following game trails stimulates visitors as one gets closer and interacts with the wildlife and then learns much more about it.

Camel riding is among the most fascinating adventures in Northern Tanzania. This safari start from the Camp located in Mkuru Maasai village; from a few hours to a week-long expedition to Oldoinyo Lengai, Ngorongoro highland and Lake Natron. A trip on a camel back through the Maasai land is magical, visitors get a great chance to experience wildlife, Maasai people ‘day to day life’ and the beautiful scenery

Experience a truly unique African adventure safari, on camel back instead of by jeep. You will ride between Mount Meru and Lake Natron, through savannahs, bush country and swamps, staying each night in safari camps.

Our route takes us to Lake Natron or Kilimanjaro from Arusha and the surrounding landscape. The area is unfenced and game moves freely. Expect to see a variety of plains animals including zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelle, gerenuk, jackal etc. We often encounter sizeable herds of elephant and may be lucky to find some of the bigger cats and other predators. Other game species often seen include eland, Oryx and lesser kudu.

The local Maasai tribe forms an important aspect to the ride, adding a splash of color and providing an insight into the rich cultural diversity of Tanzania. This ride takes place away from other tourist attractions in unspoiled wilderness. It is unlikely you will meet other visitors during the ride.

Tents are twin accommodation insect proof, with mattresses and sleeping bags. Each has camp and chairs tables. We bring all water along on safari. This is used for the camels, for cooking, and for bathing. This means that water is limited, but usually enough for a splash in the morning.

BEST TIME: June to October

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